Censorship of Free Speech is Stupid

Today I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a post on one if my new favourite pages, INFP-Dreamer. (According to the 16 Personalities website I’m an INFP). It was a sweet post that basically talked about how depression doesn’t always look the way we think it will, and that was relevant to me because I had struggled with depression for years with out understanding what it was. 

Well, one of the points in this post was that depression can be as simple as feeling unable to get out of bed one day when you were feeling perfectly fine the day before. I tell you this because someone commented on this post saying that everyone else gets themselves out of bed every day while we just sit around asking to be pitied. He then used a common phrase which involves an expletive expressing that we should go away. 

I was bothered by this comment, so I proceeded to respond. I crafted what I thought to be an intelligent and concise response explaining that many people with depression try to function at the same level as everyone else does, but often simply cannot keep up. We don’t want to be pitied, we just want those around us to understand that it can be risky for us to try and function at the same capacity as them every day. Satisfied with My response I clicked “post”. 

Alas, my reasonable response did not show up. Why? Because the one I was responding to was no longer there. Now, perhaps he had a lapse in judgement and said something he didn’t mean, and upon realizing this he repented and removed his remark. I don’t think this was the reason though. It was more likely that the administrator of the Facebook page thought this comment was offensive and hurtful, and took it down. Or perhaps someone who frequents the page reported the comment and Facebook took it down. I don’t know. Either way, I was left with a doozy of a truth bomb that had been dropped but never hit the ground. How sad.

So, here’s my point. I don’t like censorship, and it’s not just because I want to say whatever comes to my mind. It’s because I want others to have that freedom too, even if everything they say is stupid and ignorant. In a free society they should have the right to say it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I know what it’s like to be jarred by someone else’s perspective. I shared in my previous post that there are times when expression of apposing views and conflict have me physically shaking. It freaks me out sometimes. I do not believe that is justification for me to completely remove their ability to express apposing views though, even if they hurt my feelings. 

The bottom line is, if we are so scared of other people’s ideas that all someone has to do is share a conflicting thought for us to all need our safe spaces, censorship is not the answer. Counselling is a more constructive solution. I have often received counselling myself, and it can be very helpful. 

Anywho, those are my thoughts today. I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m much more comfortable expressing myself assertively, and well, just bluntly now. Isn’t it great!

Thanks for reading my blog. God bless you!


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