Sometimes Lyrics Annoy Me

Hello everyone! I’ve been trying to sit myself down and right another blog post for the past week, but my brain has been kind of all over the place. I keep having little thoughts that turn into whole blog posts in my head while I’m at work, but then when I get home I just take a bag of chips to bed and watch YouTube. Not only that, but I’m struggling to write 10 things I love about my dad, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Not because I don’t love him, but because he’s a great guy and I love him as a whole so much that it’s hard to break it all down into smaller points. 

Well, here’s a thought I had at work a few days ago that I continued to rant out loud about while walking home each day. 

Music affects me. It probably affects everybody. Lyrics can make or break a song to me, and sometimes I hear a lyric that bugs me so much that I’ll start singing my own lyrics in it’s place. Unfortunately because I work at chain store I have no choice but to hear music that annoys me if it comes on. 

A few days ago the song Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie came on. When this song was first on the radio I didn’t think much of it, but after having to hear it a kajillion times the lyrics started sticking out like a sore thumb. One lyric in particular really bugged me. 

“And I’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket.”

I know, it’s not a bad lyric. It’s maybe weird, but not bad. Well, I really don’t like it. I’ve come to believe that the biggest blow you can give to the average woman’s ego is to make her believe she is not wanted, and the biggest blow you can give to the average man’s ego is to make him believe he is not needed. What does this lyric say? It compares the emotional attatchment to the (probably male romantic partner) subject of the song to the emotional attachment of a child to an old blanket. Wanted, but no longer needed. To most women this is probably fine. Not ideal but still okay, because being wanted even when we’re still not needed is almost comforting, even if the comfort is a bit bitter. What if this could be devestating to a man? Yeah, sure, he’s still wanted, but now he has about as much practical use and purpose as an old children’s blanket. 

It’s a small thing, just some pop song, but it has been making me think lately. 

Well, those have been my thoughts. Thank you for reading! God bless!!


4 thoughts on “Sometimes Lyrics Annoy Me

  1. At first I thought you were going to criticize the grammar–the dissonance of “a child” and “their blanket.” OK, it would probably ruin the rhythm of the song to change “your” to “his or her,” but why not go with “boy” and “his,” or “girl” and “her”? Anyhow, the point you make is a good point too. J., the grammar dalek.

  2. I’m the same with lyrics. Anything that sounds awkward has to go. Nostalgia in songs about grief looks in place… but it doesn’t work. And light-hearted comedy in completely psychotic songs doesn’t either.

    All my favourite songs are consistent in their use of words and metaphors. Ain’t Your Fairytale by Sonata Arctica, Unstable by Chaotica or The Boxer by Simon & Garfunkel have been long-standing favourites of mine. They follow their own narrative and don’t crack or have anything misplaced in them.

    Also, when a song seems deep but is actually reasonably superficial. The Sharpest Lives by My Chemical Romance sounded awesome until I realized it was more or less mocking the club scene and, although I don’t like the club scene, I went off it.

  3. I hear you.

    Waking up with Elton John songs running through my brain makes me wonder if I am possessed. When an interesting song comes on the sound system, I have a hard time maintaining coherent conversation because I start listening to and analyzing the LYRICS !

    I do not understand people who say “I just like the melody & rhythm. I don’t listen to the words.” (sigh)

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