10 Things I Love About My Husband

Recently I enjoyed the lovely posts 10 Things To Love About Men, Love Languages, and about a month ago Men at Work. These posts have all got me thinking about the things I love about the men in my life, and so I have decided to write about it. :3 I shall start with the man I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with.  

10 Things I Love About My Husband

1. I don’t have to do anything to make him happy.

There are certainly things I can do to make him happy, but generally he’s pretty content with his life, and often whenever I do something that insights a joyful response from him, it isn’t anything I put any effort into. Like a smile. Just a smile can light up his world. It’s like everything turns into rainbows and gumdrops just because I smiled at him. 

2. He calls me Beautiful. 

Like it’s my name. He calls me Beautiful as if it’s a noun, and I am the definition of the noun. He calls me Beautiful as if I am the very essence and incarnation of the word. 

3. He treats me well no matter what mood he’s in.

I have seen a few men who treat the women in their lives according to their mood. Although I have not witnessed this to be the norm, I am still thankful that my husband isn’t like that. If he’s in a good mood he gives me hugs and kisses. If he’s in a bad mood he’ll give me hugs and kisses. If he’s in a good mood he’ll give me compliments. If he’s in a bad mood he’ll give me compliments. If he’s in a good mood he’ll be concerned with my well being. If he’s in a bad mood he’ll be concerned with my well being. He always shows his love for me no matter how he’s feeling in the moment.

4. He washes the dishes. 

He doesn’t grumble when he does it either. He just listens to music and gets the job done, without complaining about it even once. 

5. He’s punny.

Okay, I often get on his case for this, because in my opinion his puns are usually really lame, but deep down inside I find his puns kind of charming. I even think it’s charming that he’s always so pleased with himself after he tells a really dumb pun. He insists it was clever, witty, and funny. He will also have this really smug smile on his face after he’s told a pun that he thinks is particularity amusing and I think is particularity annoying… And God help me deep down inside I am charmed by that…

6. He loves the quirks of my personality. 

He tells me that I am perfect for him in every way. At first I thought he was just being all gushy and lovey-dovey, but with each passing day I see that he’s actually being serious when he tells me that. All the things I do that I think should annoy him actually make him happy. Like my sass. I can be very sassy, and my husband loves it. I can also be very awkward, but my husband loves that too! I also have sudden outbursts of various emotion, usually joy and excitement, and he even likes that. He says it keeps him sane. LOL

7. He qualifies my quirks as being special. 

When I giggle he’ll say, “Anaisa giggles.” Or when I kick my legs about (which is one of the forms of my outbursts of joy and excitement) he’ll say “Anaisa kicks.” As if everything I do is completely unique and special to me. Totally set apart from everyone else. 

8. He prefers reality to fantasy. 

He has never shown any interest in the sexual fantasies that the media tries to sell us. He scoffs at Victoria’s Secret adds and the larger than life pictures of women modelling LaSenza lingerie in the mall. There was a day when we passed by a booth that was selling art. I saw a life sized painting of a half naked woman, and after we passed it my husband said something along the lines of, “That was a nice stapler.” I looked at him and asked him if he saw the painting of the half naked lady, and he answered “No.” He looked a bit dumbfounded. I looked back and saw a small framed photo of a chrome stapler only inches away from the life sized painting that caught my attention. I knew for sure then and there that my husband was far more interested in me than any fantasy. 

9. His inner child is alive and well.

I got him a Star Wars Lego set for Christmas, and he had so much fun building it. Then after he built it, he flew his Lego star craft around the bed and shot laser things at his Barney plushes. He even emulated the sounds the Barney plushes would make upon being hit by lasers.  

10. He is probably among the manliest men I know, and yet he has quite the soft spot for his baby girl.

And his baby girl would be our bunny, Beatrice. My husband has such a strong and commanding alpha personality that he can strike fear into his boss without lifting a finger. But when he comes home he will melt into a puddle on the floor if our bunny simply rests her paws on his foot. And don’t even think of joking about Hasenpfeffer on a cold winter’s night, or you may find yourself out in the snow. He takes his baby girl’s safety and dignity very seriously. 

My husband is wonderful! I hope you enjoyed reading about how wonderful he is! 🙂 

God bless!! 


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