Who or What Is Our Master?

(If there are any children reading this please stop and let your parent(s) or guardian(s) read it first.)

There is one thing that annoys me above all other things in the controversy over homosexuality. There is one thing that makes me want to continue sharing what I have learned, even if some may not like it. I’m actually a little afraid to share this, but I think it needs to be said.

I’ve read a few articles concerning advice given to people trying to figure out how to deal with homosexuality (whether in themselves or with someone else). The one that I will specifically share was posted throughout the internet in November of 2013. It is an Ask Amy article called Parent pressures gay son to change. This article makes me angry for a couple reasons.

I will begin by saying that the parent’s entire letter irritated me. However, Amy’s response, though having some wise points, had a statement that irks me just as much as the parent’s whole letter. After suggesting that this parent undergoes sexual orientation change to teach her son how easy it is (obviously sarcasm), she says this: “I assume that my suggestion will evoke a reaction that your sexuality is at the core of who you are.” This fills me with anger. Any time I see or hear someone saying of another’s sexual orientation, “It’s who you are” or “Don’t suppress your true self”, I become literally hot with rage. I have chosen not to speak on this specifically until now because I try not to let my emotions run me or dictate my values. However, I think the time to speak of it has come.

The reason I hate such statements is because they are oppression disguised as liberation. If you say to someone that their sexuality is who they are, or that it’s their true self, you are basically saying to them that on some level, sex is their master. You are telling them that they are a slave to their sexuality. I believe that this is the worst form of oppression. This teaches people that they cannot master their own thoughts, they cannot master their own feelings, and that they cannot even master what they do with their thoughts and feelings. That is not empowerment. I believe that it teaches people to oppress themselves.

If I cannot master my own body, then I am truly a pathetic creature. If I cannot even say to myself, “I will keep control of my body. I will not be enslaved by my own desires,” then I am no better than a dog who chooses not to discern between its food and its feces. Such a creature requires a better master than its own self. I require a better master than my own self; one who can teach me to master my own body. That master is Jesus, and he has already done this for me in great measure.

I know that homosexuality is a heated topic right now, and I am not writing about it so that I can get in on the controversy. I don’t want to single it out, but it’s something I have personal knowledge about, so that’s why I talk about it. I’m not sharing my experiences and understandings of it because I believe that I’m morally superior and better than everyone else, and I don’t write in complete oblivion to the fact that there are actual human beings who might read it. I don’t share these things because I believe that I should be able to dictate what other people do with their bodies; I have no intention of making anyone a slave to any form of sexuality. I actually want the opposite to happen.

Whether you struggle with adultery, bestiality, fornication, homosexuality, lust, masturbation, necrophilia, pedophilia or pornography (notice that these terms are in alphabetical order, to make it clear that I am not ranking them), if you have been saved by Jesus Christ then sex is no longer your master. You are no longer a slave to sexuality, and you do not have to behave as if you are.

This doesn’t just apply to sexuality. I speak the most on this topic because it is what I have struggled with the most, and Jesus has brought me through and given me victory over it. Because of this I believe that I have more authority to speak on this specific part of life than I have to speak on anything else. Part of the reason I’m afraid to talk about this is because so many Christians have tried to have strong opinions about this matter when they had little or no authority to, and have thus made Christianity look like an obsession with the morality or immorality of sexual behavior, which it’s not. I don’t want to add to that, but the fact of the matter is that I cannot share my testimony without talking a lot about the morality or immorality of sexual behavior. So, I would like to be so bold as to speak briefly on other topics which I have some authority in as well, in the regard of oppression and liberation.

If you have been saved by Jesus Christ, than you have the power to change and be completely transformed through Him. Therefore, you are not a slave to depression. You are not a slave to laziness. You are not a slave to loneliness. You are not a slave to food. You are not a slave to your appearance. You are not a slave to human expectations. You are not a slave to the media. You are not a slave to gossip. You are not a slave to anger. You are a not a slave to envy. You are not a slave to bad dreams or nightmares. You are not a slave to sleepless nights. You are not a slave to fear. You are not a slave to pride. You are not a slave to shame. You are not a slave to hopelessness. You are not a slave to regret.

This is what my major turning point was. I named my perceived master – that which my flesh was content in being a slave to – and then I rebuked my flesh. I claimed Jesus as my master. I am not a slave to sin but to righteousness. Please do not let your flesh say, “This is stupid.” Instead let your spirit rise up and proclaim that you are NOT a slave to ANY of the ways of this world.

Thank you for reading my blog. 🙂

Romans 12:2

Romans 6

Galatians 4:1-9

Matthew 6:24

2 Corinthians 10:4-5

 Greg Sczebel – Good Fight 


6 thoughts on “Who or What Is Our Master?

  1. Hello! My name is Tiffani, I came across your blog after you “liked” a post on mine. I wondered if I could offer a few thoughts about what you’ve written here. Let me say up-front that I am no expert on homosexuality. And as a straight person, I can only go off of the testimonies of others when trying to understand homosexuality.

    Having established that, I wonder if you might be missing something here. Human sexuality isn’t just about sexual attractions, but emotional attractions as well. I have heard from many LGBT folks who testify that their orientation isn’t just about lustful feelings and the desire to have sex with someone of the same gender, but about their ability to fall in love with the same gender. I think that’s a really important distinction to remember.

    Also, you mentioned that the idea of encouraging “freedom” in coming out is just imposing another kind of bondage – i.e., bondage to your sexuality instead of bondage to your religious convictions. I think for a lot of gay people coming out isn’t about capitulating to lust so much as it is about being honest about their attractions with themselves and with their loved ones for the first time in their lives. I can understand how this would be a liberating experience, and an important one if one wishes to live an authentic life.

    Just a few thoughts. I hope I didn’t step on toes, or offend you in any way. I think you’re a thoughtful writer, and your perspective on homosexuality is one I don’t hear a lot about on the blogosphere. 🙂

    1. Hello Tiffani! Thank you for taking the time to comment. 🙂

      I definitely agree that human sexuality is about more than just sexual attractions. I once fell in love with a girl in high school, and even though I was still fairly immature and naïve, I can honestly say that I loved her. I still do in fact. The difference is that back then I allowed my love for her to be taken to a level where it should not have gone. I allowed my incomplete human love to become more important than God’s complete love. At the time I honestly felt as if living according to my feelings for her was the only real choice. Nothing else mattered. In allowing myself to think and behave that way, I pushed God out. I made my relationship with her more important than my relationship with Him, simply by ignoring what He had already revealed to me was honourable and dishonourable to Him.

      I definitely agree that coming out is about being honest with yourself. I try to be honest with myself about my sexual attractions and feelings as often as possible. I even try to be honest with my fiancé about it when my sexual attractions start getting out of hand. The difference between “coming out” and declaring “It’s just who I am”, is that one allows you to be honest with God and work with him in honesty, and the other allows you to be honest with yourself and then push God out of it. I can’t speak for everyone on this; I don’t know everyone’s hearts and minds. This is my understanding of it, though.

      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts without being harsh or condescending. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this beautifully written piece. It obviously comes from a passion that was built on a painful past. I am glad you have chosen to capitalize that pain as motivation to encourage and help others, even bringing many to an understanding of a point of view that often is left unexplored.

    Mastery is a position of authority to which we too often promote the most worthless idols. I understand Tiffani’s point that sexual orientation is not always about lust fulfillment or even sex. In the same way, Adam and Eve’s sin was not about hunger or malnutrition. We humans all have the nature of sin that follows the exact same pattern, whether the object of our pattern is sexual preference, extramarital affairs, frivolous spending, addiction, or a sweet tooth. We know what God said, but when weighed against what we want, our desires win. They have mastery and God does not, until something changes us. Something drastic. Something overwhelming. The Love that we once counterfeited with all those idol pursuits walks into our lives and makes Himself personal to us. The stains of our selfish decision still running down our cheeks, He says, “I forgive you, and I love you enough to die for.” That’s the One to whom I choose to give my mastery. After that, taking every thought captive and bringing it under obedience to Christ seems the least I can do.

    Though the flesh may rise and utter, “I want that person, place, or thing!” I will quiet the voice of flesh and say to my Savior, “Your will be done. How may I best serve You?” Sometimes determining God’s will is mysterious, but other times it is fairly obvious. Though black and white get muddled in the commentary and op-ed pieces of man, they are firmly printed in God’s love letter, the Bible. His commands are not a fence; they are a guardrail, keeping me from harming myself by going against His purpose and plan.

  3. Dear friend. So wonderful to have a chance to read some of your posts. Thank you for choosing to share yourself with us. For taking off the mask and being vulnerable. Thank you for your passion for God’s truth and your passion for His people- those in the fold and those yet to be. Godspeed to you on your blogging journey. I pray that you are widely read.

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