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Hello! Time for my third post.

(If there are any children reading this please stop and let your parent(s) or guardian(s) read it first.)

For those who possibly still check this blog, sorry for the delay. I had some difficulty figuring out what I should write next.

Well, it seems that the Holy Spirit is moving in me again, and it’s moving me towards a certain subject. Again I am writing about homosexuality and molestation.

Molestation is evil, we can all agree on that. Well, most of us can. There are those who have molested children and believe that there is nothing wrong with what they’ve done. But these are just a select few, right? Most people can discern where the sexual boundaries lay.

Not so.

Most people do not have such extreme sexual desires as a pedophile, but the same spirit lays in wait of all sexual immorality. The same spirit which makes it possible for a man to abuse a little girl is the same spirit which makes it possible for a man to desire another man. Trust me, I know this.

The same spirit which laid in wait for me as I was being sexually abused was the same spirit that laid in wait and attacked me as I took part in homosexuality. I know both, and both are the same. Please understand that I am not trying to bring judgement on anyone, but rather understanding. I understand that the homosexual community has been and often still is heavily persecuted. I also understand the heavy burden of feeling as if one’s relationship must be approved by others. It really sucks, I know.

However, I cannot ignore the seriousness of the situation. It is my belief that Leviathan is the principality which resides over homosexuality, and I believe that Leviathan is a multithreaded principality which governs over all forms of sexual impurity.

Thank you for reading my Blog. 🙂

~I want to be reverent with God, gentle with mankind, and fierce with the devil.~